Local leaders discuss the artificial nest project

[by Monkhjargal and Nicola Dixon] The very first week of 2010 started with a important meeting at WSCC. Leaders from 5 soums in 3 aimags gathered on this day in January 2010. The main goal of their visit to Ulaanbaatar was to discuss the Artificial Nest Project. The meeting was organized by WSCC and the International Wildlife Consultants Ltd. in UK with the support of the Ministry of Nature, Environment, and Tourism of Mongolia.

The Artificial Nest Project is the culmination of seven years research undertaken in central Mongolia and the aim of the meeting was to explain the progress and achievements of the Project and to promote an ongoing program whereby Saker Falcon conservation can be achieved through sustainable use. As a main element of this program, it has been planned to erect 5000 artificial nests to boost the falcon population in the steppe in 2010 and future years.

The project team discussed the goals, benefits, and proposed locations for nests with local leaders. The high level of participation from local representatives indicates that they have real interest in this the concept and plans for saker falcon conservation.

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